bsnes snes emulator

Troubleshooting BSNES

This page is dedicated to troubleshooting and fixing common errors on bsnes as quickly as possible. Click to view solution.

For BSNES to properly work you need to install the required drivers. 

Depending on your OS - utilize our installation instructions to correctly install per device;

By default, BSNES has no controls/keys pre-configured. You will need to manually set all controls by going to Settings > Input.

If you receive a black screen or your ROM doesn't load, you need to download the latest version of BSNES and make sure the rom file is a .SFC extension.

Additionally try a different ROM (preferably version 1.0) or re-download from a different source. 

Your emulator might be on "Mute Audio" or your default output device needs to be configured correctly. Go to Settings > Drivers and select the correct driver and output device.

You might have noticed while playing hacks on bsnes some sprites and other graphics don’t load correctly and are just a garbled mess along with the sprites just not working at all. This is due to bsnes having a higher accuracy than other emulators and requires no VRAM blocking to be ticked. Blocked VRAM (unticked) is recommended for playing original version 1.0 roms.

This is a common issue when playing ROM hacks. To fix - simply go to Settings > Compatibility and tick "Echo Shadow RAM" and "No VRAM Blocking".

BSNES has no default key to enter full screen mode. Users will need to configure it by going to Settings > Hotkeys > Toggle Fullscreen.

Yes, BSNES is able to fast forward/speed up games and can be configured by going to Settings > Hotkeys > Fast Forward.