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Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra ROM

Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra rom

The Might and Magic III – Isles of Terra ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra is the third game in the role-playing video game series Might and Magic. Released in 1991, it is the predecessor to Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen and the sequel to Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. A Sega Genesis version was developed, but never released.

Additional Information

After the defeat of Sheltem and his forces on CRON in Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World, a new party of adventurers from Sheltem’s “homeworld” of Terra find themselves embroiled in the battle between the two Guardians. The adventurers must aid the mysterious Corak in attempting to stop Sheltem once again and putting an end to his evil machinations. In canon, these adventurers are named Sir Caneghem, Crag Hack, Maximus, Resurrectra, Dark Shade, Kastore, Robert the Wise and Tolberti.

Might and Magic III employs an updated first person perspective interface based on the one employed by Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum and Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. The action is turn based throughout the game phases. A number of improvements, made possible by an expanded development team and advancements in computer technology, are incorporated. The graphics are more colourful, taking advantage of contemporary VGA displays.

A number of sound cards are supported, offering improved sound effects, background music, and synthesized speech. Mouse interaction is also supported for the first time. Textual character summaries in the lower portion of the screen are replaced with a graphical head-up display, featuring the faces of the player characters, which wear different expressions depending on the condition of the character. Spells are selected from a list: an improvement on previous games where they had to be specified using numeric codes.

File Name

Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra

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Iguana Entertainment




Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

January 1995


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To use Game Genie codes on BSNES. Load the rom and head over to the tools tab. Select Cheat editor and insert your game genie code. Ensure the "enable cheats" box is ticked for the codes to take effect.

List of Game Genie Codes for Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra

    1. 255 Armor Class
      Note: This code allows you to get a 255 Armor Class when you start create a character that naturally has a 0 Armor Class. You need to place the character in the 6th spot for this to work. Do note, if you equip any armor it will go back to the normal amount it should be.
    2. Better Items For Sale from Dealer

Note: For the remainder of the codes, you must use them when starting a new game.

    1. Start With About $40,000 Gold (Instead of $25,000)
    2. Start With About $65,000 Gold (Instead of $25,000)
    3. Start With 500 Gems (Instead of 350)
    4. Start With 1630 Gems (Instead of 350)
    5. Start With 3422 Gems (Instead of 350)
    6. Start With 10 Days Worth of Food (Instead of 5 Days)
    7. Start With 34 Days Worth of Food (Instead of 5 Days)
    8. Start With 105 Days Worth of Food (Instead of 5 Days)

Sir Canegm Codes

    1. Sir Canegm Starts With 36 HP (Instead of 12)
    2. Sir Canegm Starts With 120 HP (Instead of 12)
    3. Sir Canegm Starts With 51 Might (Instead of 17)
    4. Sir Canegm Starts With 170 Might (Instead of 17)
    5. Sir Canegm Starts With 8 Spell Points (Instead of 2)
    6. Sir Canegm Starts With 30 Spell Points (Instead of 2)
    7. Sir Canegm Starts Equipped With The Katana (Instead of The Cutlass)
    8. Sir Canegm Starts Equipped With The Plate Armor (Instead of The Scale Armor)

Crag Hack Codes

    1. Crag Hack Starts With 54 Might (Instead of 18)
    2. Crag Hack Starts With 180 Might (Instead of 18)

Maximus Codes

    1. Maximus Starts With 51 Might (Instead of 17)
    2. Maximus Starts With 170 Might (Instead of 17)

Dark Shade Codes

    1. Dark Shade Starts With 48 Might (Instead of 16)
    2. Dark Shade Starts With 160 Might (Instead of 16)

Resurectra Codes

    1. Resurectra Starts With 39 Might (Instead of 13)
    2. Resurectra Starts With 130 Might (Instead of 13)

Kastore Codes

  1. Kastore Starts With 24 Might (Instead of 8)
  2. Kastore Starts With 80 Might (Instead of 8)