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Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge ROM

Spider-Man - X-Men - Arcade's Revenge rom

The Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge is a video game first released for the Super NES in 1992 by LJN. It was later released for the Genesis and Game Gear (under the Flying Edge brand) as well as the Game Boy. The game features Marvel Comics characters Spider-Man and the X-Men as they battle their captor, the villainous Arcade.

Additional Information

While swinging his web throughout the city, Spider-Man notices the disappearances of X-Men Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine; he then notices a tube from a garbage truck sucking up Gambit, and after figuring out it’s Arcade, swings his web to the truck. He tracks Arcade down to an abandoned building, which is the location of the first stage; the player portrays Spider-Man de-activating “Security Eyes” in a set order (as indicated by the Spider-Sense) to enter. Inside, he, along with Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Gambit, are placed in the deadly games of Murderworld, a simulated program designed by Arcade to torture and kill his victims.

The player must successfully complete each Marvel hero’s two “events” in order to get to control Spider-Man in a final battle with Arcade and escape. While any character’s first event can be selected at the player’s will, his or her second event isn’t playable until the completion of the first. All the heroes have the same lives, meaning if one hero loses a life, the others do as well.

File Name

Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

November 1992


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List of Game Genie Codes for Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge

  1. Start With 1 Life Instead Of 3
  2. Start With 5 Lives
  3. Start With 7 Lives
  4. Start With 10 Lives
  5. Start With 26 Lives
  6. Start With 51 Lives
  7. Start With 100 Lives
  8. Spider-Man Has Infinite Lives
  9. Gambit Has Infinite Lives
  10. Wolverine, Cyclops And Storm Have Infinite Lives
  11. Spider-Man Is Invincible After Getting Hit (Blinks)
  12. Spider-Man Jumps Higher (If You Jump Too High In Some Places You Die)
  13. Protects Spider-Man From Most Hits (Lose No Energy)
  14. Protects Spider-Man From Ground Hazards (Looks Like Silver Weeds)
  15. Wolverine And Cyclops Stay Invincible Longer After Getting Hit
  16. Once They’re Hit, Wolverine and Cyclops Stay Invincible For The Rest of The Level
    Note: Some things can still kill you.
  17. Gambit Takes No Damage From Most Enemies
  18. Gambit Has Infinite Joker Wild Cards
  19. Storm Starts With 2 Multibolts (Instead of None)
    Note: If this code does not work, try the one below it, there are two versions of the game.
  20. Storm Starts With 2 Multibolts (Instead of None)
    Note: If this code does not work, try the one above it, there are two versions of the game.
  21. Storm Has Infinite Multibolts (Once You Get Them)