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Installing BSNES (SNES Emulator) on Android

Our mobile devices offer the perfect combination of portability and long battery life, making them a popular choice for gamers across the globe. With RetroArch’s easy-to-use front-end emulator, you can quickly install bsnes on your Android device and gain access to the best SNES emulation experience available.

This page is dedicated to assist users wanting to download, install and set up bsnes, the Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator on their Android device.


  • RetroArch APK
  • Android Version 8+
  • bsnes Core (within RetroArch)


For bsnes to properly function on Android, you must download RetroArch directly from their official website (not the version from the Play Store). 

After installation, open Retroarch and you’ll be directed to the main menu. Now we need to load cores onto our Android device. These are console emulators which have been adapted to work as plugins through Retroarch and can be downloaded directly through the app.

To do this: select “Load Core” then “Download a Core” followed by entering ‘snes’ in the search field. Finally, click on ‘Nintendo – SNES / SFV (bsnes-hd beta)’ to install the bsnes Core.

bsnes on retroarch
Retroarch Main Menu
download bsnes on android
Load Core > Download a Core
snes emulator android
Load Core > Download a Core > Search SNES and Download bsnes

Now that we have successfully installed bsnes (SNES Emulator) on Android, we should start downloading some SNES ROMs to play all our favourite Super NES games.

How to load roms on Android SNES emulator

To load SNES ROMs on android, click on Load Content and locate your downloaded ROM to open the SFC file.

If you are unsure where the file downloaded on your mobile device, click on “Start Directory” and select “/“. Now find “sdcard” and click on “Download“. Now open the downloaded SNES ROM archive and click on “Load Archive” to launch the game.

load rom on bsnes android
Load Content
android snes emulator rom load
Load Content > Go to /" > Sdcard > Download
Load Content > Go to /" > Sdcard > Download > "your rom files"
Load Content > Go to "/" > Sdcard > Download > "your rom file" > Load Archive
mobile controls

For easy usage, all controls are visible on your mobile screen and to quit your current game and load a different game, simply click on the RetroArch logo and repeat previous steps.

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