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B.O.B. rom

The B.O.B. ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


B.O.B. (known in Japan as Space Funky B.O.B.) is a run and gun video game for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was published by Electronic Arts in 1993. A sequel, B.O.B. II, was in development but never released.

Additional Information

When B.O.B. crashes his dad’s space car on the way to pick up his date, he finds himself stranded on a hostile asteroid filled with enemies. By collecting Thiagotches and using fast reflexes, B.O.B. tries to find his way off the asteroid and to his date. B.O.B. fights his way through three strange worlds in total, encountering several particularly enormous or swift enemies (bosses) along the way, and participating in several cart-race levels.

There were several different types of setting for each level, including domed space colony cities, large alien hive-type areas, strange biomechanical facilities, ancient (and apparently haunted) temples and cavernous magma chambers. Some of these settings only appeared on certain worlds. The player can choose from a wide variety of weapons and gadgets called “remotes”, each with their own ammunition or stock.

Use of remotes, such as a trampoline or helicopter, is necessary to complete some stages. A punch is also available when ammunition for B.O.B.’s gun runs out, or if the player wishes to conserve it. There is a time limit on every stage and once it runs out the player loses a life. B.O.B. uses the same game engine as the Wayne’s World video game, also developed by Gray Matter. Elements of the shooting, jumping, and boss battles are very similar between the two games.

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Gray Matter


Run and gun


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

June, 1993


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