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Clock Tower ROM

Clock Tower rom

The Clock Tower ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Human Entertainment for the Super Famicom in 1995. It is the first installment in the Clock Tower series. The story follows orphan Jennifer Simpson soon after she is adopted by the Barrows family along with other orphaned girls. Shortly after arriving at the Barrows family manor, one of the other children is killed by a stalker called Scissorman. Jennifer must then explore the Barrows Mansion to find a way to escape while evading Scissorman, leading to one of the game’s multiple endings. Clock Tower utilizes a point and click interface with the player controlling a cursor to direct Jennifer’s actions.

Much of Clock Towers plot and artistic style are inspired by the works of Italian horror film director Dario Argento, most notably Phenomena (1985). Director Hifumi Kono loved horror films like this and wanted the game to feel like one. Many of the game’s character graphics were digitized from photos of real people. Jennifer’s movements were constructed from a woman in Human’s planning division acting out the scenes. Her design was inspired by Jennifer Connelly’s character in Phenomena.

Additional Information

Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game with 2D graphics. The player controls a cursor to direct the main character, Jennifer Simpson, and give commands such as investigating objects or opening doors. Jennifer can walk and run, although running will reduce her stamina. She may recover her stamina by sitting on the floor. Jennifer’s character portrait in the corner of the screen will change depending on her stamina level. In addition to interacting with objects in the game, Jennifer can also store them in the inventory for later use. The layout of items changes with each playthrough.

The story follows Jennifer Simpson, an orphan from the fictional Granite Orphanage in Romsdalen, Norway. She and other orphaned children named Laura, Anne, and Lotte are adopted in September 1995 by a wealthy recluse named Simon Barrows, who lives in a mansion known as the “Clock Tower”, named after its predominant feature. After arriving at the mansion, Mary, the woman who brought the children to the mansion, leaves to find Mr. Barrows. When she takes an unusually long time, Jennifer offers to investigate. Upon leaving the room, she hears a scream coming from the main foyer. Jennifer returns to find the lights off and the girls missing. After finding either Laura or Anne killed, she finds herself being stalked by a murderous little boy with deformed features, wielding a huge pair of scissors, named Bobby Barrows, also known as the Scissorman in the game.

File Name

Clock Tower

Cart Size







Human Entertainment


Survival horror


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

September 14, 1995


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List of Game Genie Codes for Clock Tower

Infinite Stamina/Health
7e0bf9 64
Your little picture changes from blue (full health), to green, to brown, to red (almost dead). You'll always be blue.

Go Through A Door To Get End Credits
7fcf3b 01
Go Through A Door To Get Skeleton Movie
7fcf3b 02
I don't think these two are useful unless you are using an emulator where you can turn things off when you want to. The first one will unlock an ending, which isn't useful. I think the second one makes you view a movie that's part of the requirements for unlocking the "S" ending. Then you just end up in that room with the skeleton. You need to turn the code off before leaving the room so you don't just keep viewing the movie.

Scissorman Is Frozen
7fcf41 00
7fcf47 00
Whenever he appears, he'll be frozen in place and never attacks. He might also just walk off the edge of the screen and disappear.

You Can Interact With Things Even If Scissorman Is Chasing You
7fcf43 00
You can't do the special interactions, like pushing a book shelf on scissorman or stuff like that. This is a worthless code.

Scissorman Never Gets Up After You Knock Him Down
7fcf49 00

Scissorman Can't Attack You
7fcf4b 00
He walks into you and follows you around, but you'll never have struggles and he'll never attack in any kind of way.

Scissorman Never Trips You While He's Down
7fcf4e 01

Scissorman Never Chases You From Room To Room
7fcf51 00
7fcf52 00
7fcf55 00
When you encounter him, just leave a room and he'll never chase you.

No Instant Death Attacks From Scissorman
7fcf57 ff
Normally when you are backed into a corner he will always use an instant kill attack, and he does it at other random times depending on your health. He'll never do them, you'll just get pushed past the edge of the screen instead.

Can Escape Anything
7fcf5b 00
While you are struggling with scissorman where you need to tap B like crazy, you can just press R or L to run away from it.

Always Win Struggles
7fcf5d ff
7fcf5e ff
No need to ever tap B again.

Struggles End Fast
7fcf60 00
They never seem to last more than 2 seconds, unlike other times where they seem to last for 10 seconds.

I can't quite figure out how the inventory system works. Just use the first 2 codes and change the items when you need to.
Have 1st Item
7e131c 13
Item 1 Modifier
7e1323 ??

These 3 seem to have trouble working correctly, they randomly work. Not worth using.
Have 2nd Item A
7e131b 1f
Have 2nd Item B
7e1320 13
Item 2 Modifier
7e1329 ??

Item Digits
00 = Perfume
01 = Ham
02 = Engine Key
03 = Pesticide
04 = Black Robe
05 = Rope
06 = Bronze Dagger
07 = Sharp Stone
08 = Lantern
09 = Cane
0a = Small Evil Figure?
0b = Horse Den Key?
0c = Bronze Key