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DKC Mania rom

The DKC Mania ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This is a pre-patched version of the game and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


DKC Mania is a rom hack of Donkey Kong Country created by Hankhill89. It was last updated on 25 July 2020.

DKC Mania is pre-patched and available to download now.

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Additional Information

DKC Mania is a hack that aims to mix some old and new together much like the game that inspired this hack Sonic Mania. Some new levels and ideas are remixed with some reimaginings of levels from DK’s handheld past. The patch also has many new color schemes for enemies and levels.

File Name

DKC Mania

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

25 July 2020


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Game Genie is the name for a selection of video game enhancers developed by Codemasters and distributed by Galoob in the United States.

Each device provides an opportunity to customize gameplay, allowing players to take advantage of features not originally intended by developers, such as cheating, altering elements within a game, as well as unlocking hidden functions and assets.

To use Game Genie codes on BSNES. Load the rom and head over to the tools tab. Select Cheat editor and insert your game genie code. Ensure the "enable cheats" box is ticked for the codes to take effect.

List of Game Genie Codes for DKC Mania

Note: There are two versions of this game. If you try first code and it does not work, try the second code.

  1. C2C9-4E2C / C2C1-4A9C
    Infinite lives
  2. D568-C34D / D568-C33D
    Start with 8 lives
  3. DC68-C34D / DC68-C33D
    Start with 11 lives
  4. DE68-C34D / DE68-C33D
    Start with 16 lives
  5. FB68-C34D / FB68-C33D
    Start with 26 lives
  6. 7468-C34D / 7468-C33D
    Start with 51 lives
  7. 0868-C34D / 0868-C33D
    Start with 76 lives
  8. 1768-C34D / 1768-C33D
    Start with 100 lives
  9. EE65-C37E / EE66-C27E
    When your last Kong is hit, the other one returns (You must have had both Kongs at some point in the level for code to work and you will need to reset if you get stuck.)
  10. 1DCC-CA7A / 1DCA-C2EA
    Almost invincible (Switch off if you get stuck)
  11. DBC1-3D6D + DCC1-34AD / DBC9-340D + DCC1-3D6D
    10 bananas needed for an extra life
  12. F6C1-3D6D + FBC1-34AD / F6C9-340D + FBC1-3D6D
    25 bananas needed for an extra life
  13. 7FC1-3D6D + 74C1-34AD / 7FC9-340D + 74C1-3D6D
    50 bananas needed for an extra life
  14. 0CC1-3D6D + 08C1-34AD / 0CC9-340D + 08C1-3D6D
    75 bananas needed for an extra life
  15. 1D6B-3FDD + 196A-333D / 1D6B-3D6D + 166A-3ECD
    Keep animals between stages (Keeping fish on a non-water stage or others on a water stage will cause problems, so be careful of this.)
  16. A081-1273 / A086-13E3
    High jump for Donkey Kong
  17. 2D81-1273 / 2D86-13E3
    Super jump for Donkey Kong
  18. 3D81-1273 / 3D86-13E3
    Mega-jump for Donkey Kong
  19. 8081-1E73 / 808B-1AE3
    High jump for Diddy Kong
  20. AD81-1E73 / AD8B-1AE3
    Super jump for Diddy Kong
  21. 2D81-1E73 / 2D8B-1AE3
    Mega-jump for Diddy Kong
  22. A08F-C273 / A087-C3E3
    High jump for all animals
  23. 2D8F-C273 / 2D87-C3E3
    Super jump for all animals
  24. 3D8F-C273 / 3087-C3E3
    Mega-jump for all animals
  25. D76B-337E / D76C-327E
    Get both Kongs back on the map screen after dying (This doesn’t work when you fall off screen)
  26. DD8B-C28A / DD88-CE5A
    In the 2-Player Team Mode, the inactive player can get control at any time by pressing A or SELECT on their controller
  27. DDB9-3DD4 / DDB0-34A4
    Pressing Start and then Select will exit any level, not just completed levels