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Gemfire ROM

Gemfire rom

The Gemfire ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Gemfire (released in Japan as Royal Blood or Super Royal Blood in its Super Famicom version) is a medieval war game for MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, FM Towns, Mega Drive/Genesis, DOS, and later Microsoft Windows, developed by Koei. The object in the game is to unify a fictional island by force. Players use infantry, cavalry, and archers, as well as fantasy units such as magicians, dragons or gargoyles in order to capture the castle needed to control that particular territory.

Additional Information

The game takes place in the fictitious Isle of Ishmeria. Once upon a time, six wizards, each wielding a unique brand of magic, used their powers to protect the island and maintain peace. This was disrupted when they were collectively challenged by a Fire Dragon, summoned forth by a wizard intent on plunging the country into darkness.

The sea-dwelling dragon of peace known as the Pastha charged the six wizards with the task of fighting back. They succeeded, sealing the Fire Dragon away into a ruby at the top of a crown, and themselves became the six jewels around the crown’s base. The crown, called Gemfire, was a symbol of utmost power and authority.

At the outset of the game, the player has the option of selecting a scenario and family. All four use the same game board but they differ in which families are present and what provinces, vassals and gems they have. The Blanche and Lyle families are present and playable in all four scenarios. The antagonistic Lankshire family is present in all four but can never be controlled by the player. Ultimately, the player must conquer the entire map to win the game.

Gameplay is divided into the main world map screen and individual battle screens. On the map screen, the player is allowed one action per turn (in-game month) per territory. With that action, the player may hire or move troops, upgrade the territory’s economy or defenses, engage in diplomatic actions (such as plunder an adjacent province or propose alliance with another family), or attack an adjacent enemy territory.

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Turn-based strategy


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

October 22, 1992


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[Total: 3 Average: 4.7]

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List of Game Genie Codes for Gemfire

Land 1 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC3330E

Always have High Food: 7EC3350E

Always have High Men: 7EC3370E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC339FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC33AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC33BFF

Land 2 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC3570E

Always have High Food: 7EC3590E

Always have High Men: 7EC35B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC35DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC35EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC35FFF

Land 3 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC37B0E

Always have High Food: 7EC37D0E

Always have High Men: 7EC37F0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC381FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC382FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC383FF

Land 4 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC39F0E

Always have High Food: 7EC3A10E

Always have High Men: 7EC3A30E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC3A5FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC3A6FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC3A7FF

Land 5 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC3C30E

Always have High Food: 7EC3C50E

Always have High Men: 7EC3C70E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC3C9FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC3CAFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC3CBFF

Land 6 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC3E70E

Always have High Food: 7EC3E90E

Always have High Men: 7EC3EB0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC3EDFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC3EEFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC3EFFF

Land 7 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC40B0E

Always have High Food: 7EC40D0E

Always have High Men: 7EC40F0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC411FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC412FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC413FF

Land 8 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC42F0E

Always have High Food: 7EC4310E

Always have High Men: 7EC4330E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC435FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC436FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC437FF

Land 9 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC4530E

Always have High Food: 7EC4550E

Always have High Men: 7EC4570E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC459FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC45AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC45BFF

Land 10 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC4770E

Always have High Food: 7EC4790E

Always have High Men: 7EC47B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC47DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC47EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC47FFF

Land 11 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC49B0E

Always have High Food: 7EC49D0E

Always have High Men: 7EC49F0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC4A1FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC4A2FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC4A3FF

Land 12 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC4BF0E

Always have High Food: 7EC4C10E

Always have High Men: 7EC4C30E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC4C5FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC4C6FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC4C7FF

Land 13 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC4E30E

Always have High Food: 7EC4E50E

Always have High Men: 7EC4E70E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC4E9FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC4EAFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC4EBFF

Land 14 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC5070E

Always have High Food: 7EC5090E

Always have High Men: 7EC50B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC50DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC50EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC50FFF

Land 15 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC52B0E

Always have High Food: 7EC52D0E

Always have High Men: 7EC52F0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC531FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC532FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC533FF

Land 16 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC54F0E

Always have High Food: 7EC5510E

Always have High Men: 7EC5530E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC555FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC556FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC557FF

Land 17 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC5730E

Always have High Food: 7EC5750E

Always have High Men: 7EC5770E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC579FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC57AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC57BFF

Land 18 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC5970E

Always have High Food: 7EC5990E

Always have High Men: 7EC59B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC59DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC59EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC59FFF

Land 19 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC5BB0E

Always have High Food: 7EC5BD0E

Always have High Men: 7EC5BF0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC5C1FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC5C2FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC5C3FF

Land 20 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC5DF0E

Always have High Food: 7EC5E10E

Always have High Men: 7EC5E30E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC5E5FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC5E6FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC5E7FF

Land 21 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6030E

Always have High Food: 7EC6050E

Always have High Men: 7EC6070E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC609FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC60AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC60BFF

Land 22 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6270E

Always have High Food: 7EC6290E

Always have High Men: 7EC62B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC62DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC62EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC62FFF

Land 23 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC64B0E

Always have High Food: 7EC64D0E

Always have High Men: 7EC64F0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC651FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC652FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC653FF

Land 24 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC66F0E

Always have High Food: 7EC6710E

Always have High Men: 7EC6730E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC675FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC676FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC677FF

Land 25 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6930E

Always have High Food: 7EC6950E

Always have High Men: 7EC6970E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC699FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC69AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC69BFF

Land 26 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6B70E

Always have High Food: 7EC6B90E

Always have High Men: 7EC6BB0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC6BDFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC6BEFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC6BFFF

Land 27 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6DB0E

Always have High Food: 7EC6DD0E

Always have High Men: 7EC6DF0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC6E1FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC6E2FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC6E3FF

Land 28 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC6FF0E

Always have High Food: 7EC7010E

Always have High Men: 7EC7030E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC705FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC706FF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC707FF

Land 29 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC7230E

Always have High Food: 7EC7250E

Always have High Men: 7EC7270E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC729FF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC72AFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC72BFF

Land 30 Codes

Always have High Gold: 7EC7470E

Always have High Food: 7EC7490E

Always have High Men: 7EC74B0E

Always 255 Flag Stat: 7EC74DFF

Always 255 Wheat Stat: 7EC74EFF

Always 255 Fort Stat: 7EC74FFF