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Hagane - The Final Conflict ROM

Hagane - The Final Conflict rom

The Hagane – The Final Conflict ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Hagane – The Final Conflict is a 1994 action-platform video game developed by CAProduction and published by Red Entertainment and Hudson for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The player takes on the role of a ninja cyborg named Hagane on his path to take revenge on an opposing ninja faction. The game combines traditional Japanese ninja and samurai aesthetics with a futuristic setting. The player has a wide variety of weapons, moves, and attacks at their disposal to defeat enemies and progress through the game. Hagane released to positive reception, and was compared favorably to classic side-scrolling action games.

Additional Information

The Fuma and Koma ninja clans who live mainly in darkness have mastered the secret arts of ninjutsu and black magic. Although they look like normal humans, they have strength and spiritual power beyond normal. Each clan consists of several factions. The Fuma clan is split into factions based on the Chinese zodiac. The Koma clan is split into factions by color; consisting of the white, the gold and the red dragon.

In the case of the Fuma clan, members of a given faction know nothing more about any other factions except that they exist and their bloodlines are cut off from the outside world and are destined to decline. The Fuma clan possesses extreme strength and spiritual power. Their duty is to protect the Holy Grail, which is said to possess power that can destroy the world. From long ago, the evil Koma clan had plotted to destroy the world using the destructive power of the Holy Grail.

Hagane features side-scrolling action and platforming gameplay and blends elements of traditional Japanese ninja and samurai with a futuristic setting. The player controls Hagane, a ninja cyborg, and can switch between four different weapons: a sword, chain, shuriken, and grenades. Additionally, there are also limited magic attacks available which clear the screen of enemies. Hagane can execute a wide variety of moves including somersaults, flying jump kicks, wall-jumping, sliding, and charge attacks.

After three hits the player will die, although the game provides health power-ups that will increase the player’s health meter beyond three hits. After dying, these health bonuses are lost. All the stages feature platforming with the exception of one stage in which the player rides on a hovercraft through a Mode 7 sequence. The stages are notably short with very few checkpoints across the game. Running out of lives will place the player at the start of the chapter should they choose to continue. There is no save feature, and the player can only continue up to seven times in the Japanese version before their game is over.

File Name

Hagane - The Final Conflict

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

November 18, 1994


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List of Game Genie Codes for Hagane - The Final Conflict

  1. Start With 9 Lives
  2. Start With 9 Special Attack Points
  3. Start With Maximum Health Points
  4. Infinite Lives
  5. Infinite Special Attacks
  6. Invincibility
  7. One Hit Kills
  8. Infinite Bombs
  9. Infinite Daggers
  10. Stage Select
    Level Modifiers


    • DF: Stage 2 – Fortress of Doom
    • D4: Stage 3 – Violated Heavens
    • D7: Stage 4 – Cry of the Spirits
    • D0: Stage 5 – Into the Darkness