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Secret of Evermore ROM

Secret of Evermore rom

The Secret of Evermore ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Secret of Evermore is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in North America on October 1, 1995, and in Europe and Australia in February 1996. A Japanese release was planned to follow the North American release by a few months but was ultimately cancelled.

The story of Secret of Evermore follows a boy and his pet dog as they are inadvertently transported to the fantasy world of Evermore. The player guides both the boy and his shapeshifting dog through Evermore, a world composed of separate realms, each resembling a different period of real-world history: “Prehistoria” (prehistory), “Antiqua” (classical antiquity), “Gothica” (the Middle Ages), and “Omnitopia” (an imaginative future world). The gameplay shares many similarities with Secret of Mana, such as real-time battles, a ring-shaped menu system, and the ability to switch control between the two characters. Despite similar game mechanics and a similar title, it is not an entry in the Mana series.


Secret of Evermore takes many of its interface and gameplay aspects from Secret of Mana. The game consists mostly of an aerial view setting, where the boy and his dog negotiate the terrain and fend off hostile creatures. The player may choose to control either the boy or the dog, with the other being controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence. Both characters can find refuge in caves or a town, where they can regain their hit points or purchase restorative items and equipment. Upon collecting enough experience points in battle, either character can increase in level with improved stats such as strength and evasion.

Options including changing equipment or casting alchemy spells; checking status can be performed quickly by rotating through the game’s Action Ring system. Combat takes place in real-time. Located below the player’s hit points is a percentage gauge that determines the amount of damage done to an enemy, as well as how far the player can run. Swinging a weapon or running causes the gauge to fall to 0%. It then quickly recharges, allowing the character to attack at full strength or to run at full sprint once it is full. The gauge may also fill up to allowing the player to use charged attacks with equipped weapons. The story of Secret of Evermore begins with a black and white flashback to 1965, in a small town called Podunk, USA.

In a laboratory situated on the roof of a mansion, a malfunction occurs which causes the area to flood with a white flash of light. Thirty years later, the game’s young protagonist is leaving a theater when his pet dog chases after a cat on the street. The boy hurriedly follows him, eventually reaching a large, abandoned mansion. He discovers the hidden laboratory with a large machine built in the center. When the dog begins to chew on some wires, the pair find themselves transported to the surreal world of Evermore, beginning in the space station Omnitopia. A butler dressed in a white tailcoat greets the boy when he appears, only to lock him in a room with several attack robots. The boy manages to escape in a shuttle pod, where he finds his dog holed up in the cockpit.

File Name

Secret of Evermore

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Action RPG


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

October 1, 1995


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List of Game Genie Codes for Secret of Evermore

CODE    KEY IN          EFFECT 
1.      C2A0-CD5A + 826B-41DF + D261-400F       Everyone is invincible
2.      95B9-34ED       Start with 99 attack points
3.      EEB9-34ED       Start with a lot of attack points
4.      17B5-C75D       Start with 99 defense points
5.      EEB5-C75D       Start with a lot of defense points
6.      17B7-445F       Start with 99 magic defense points
7.      EEB7-445F       Start with a lot of magic defense points
8.      7464-CFE7       Start with 50 evade % points
9.      1764-CFE7       Start with 99 evade % points
10.     746D-3F57       Start with 50 hit % points
11.     176D-3F57       Start with 99 hit % points
12.     1786-CFEB + 17BB-17ED   Start with 99 HP
13.     EE86-CFEB + EEBB-17ED   Start with 255 HP
14.     17BF-1FEF       Your dog starts with 99 HP
15.     EEBF-1FEF       Your dog starts with 255 HP