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Top Gear 3000 ROM

Top Gear 3000 rom

The Top Gear 3000 ROM is available to play for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game is the US English version and can be played using the BSNES or HIGAN (SNES) Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS devices.


Top Gear 3000, later released in Japan as The Planet’s Champ: TG3000, is a racing video game developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Kemco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the third game in the original Top Gear trilogy, and the last in the series to be developed by Gremlin. 3000 heavily resembles the previous Top Gear 2, but is set in the distant future.

Additional Information

The introduction states that anonymous benefactors and funders have created a massive galaxy-wide racing campaign at the outset of each millennium, and reward the winner with “riches beyond belief”. The instruction manual gives a more detailed dystopian story. The year is 2962 (and not 3000 as shown in the title of the video game). Five centuries before, World War XVII devastated most of the colonized planets of the Milky Way.

The Galactic Conglomerate of Unified Planets, controlling the Bureau of Reasonable Entertainment, has maintained an era of calm and peaceful co-existence through the systematic suppression of any radical thought or action that may “stir up” the teeming masses of citizens populating the twelve star systems under their jurisdiction.

Anything remotely resembling “fun” has been analyzed and sterilized. The game has two distinct modes of gameplay, with Championship being the most expansive. Cars are limited by the range of their fuel, and of the condition of their frame; players gain fuel by driving over the red Recharge strips, and repair their car’s structural integrity by driving over the blue Repair strips.

In Championship mode, one or two players can play, or one player can play with the screen split between their own view and that of an AI opponent. Players start off with identical cars and may change the color, name, speed units (MPH or km/h), and the button layout. Unlike in previous Top Gear games with a few pre-generated layouts, players may adjust any function to any button desired.

File Name

Top Gear 3000

Cart Size







Gremlin Graphics




Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Release Date

February 1995


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List of Game Genie Codes for Top Gear 3000

  1. Credits Earned By Player 1 Are Multiplied X100
  2. Credits Earned By Player 2 Are Multiplied X100
  3. 1st Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  4. 2nd Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  5. 3rd Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  6. 4th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  7. 5th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  8. 6th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  9. 7th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  10. 8th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  11. 9th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
  12. Infinite Boosts (Affects Both Human Players)
  13. Earn 1st Place Credits As Long As You Qualify Player-1
  14. Earn 1st Place Credits As Long As You Qualify Player-2
  15. Start With Over 6X More Fuel
    Note: Do not recharge or your fuel capacity will go back to normal.
  16. Infinite Boosts
  17. Infinite Fuel
  18. Infinite Boost Time
  19. Infinite Warps
  20. Infinite Attractor