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SNES Cheat Codes

BSNES offers users pre-built cheat codes, also known as Game Genie Codes, for over 1000 SNES games. This includes beloved titles like Super Mario Bro’s, Super Mario World, Earthbound, Simcity, Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong. With these codes you can unlock hidden levels or gain access to exclusive features of your favorite games – giving you a unique gaming experience!

What is Game Genie Codes?

Game Genie is a revolutionary line of cheat cartridges for video games, developed by Codemasters and distributed by Camerica and Galoob. Since its launch in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Genie has been released for multiple platforms such as Super NES, Game Boy, Genesis and Game Gear.

These devices temporarily alter game data to enable players to perform functions not intended by developers – such as cheating or manipulating gameplay elements – or access unused assets or features.

game genie snes codes
Game Genie Cartridge for Super NES

Finding & Enabling SNES Cheats on BSNES

To enable cheats for any game within the BSNES (SNES) Emulator, load the rom game and head over to the Tools tab. Click on “Cheat Editor” and then “Find Cheats”. A new screen will pop up that allows you to enable some – or all the cheats available per SNES game. Once you’ve chosen the cheats you want, click on “Add Cheats”, close the window and go back into the game for changes to take effect.

See below screenshots for Super Mario World SNES Cheats running on the BSNES emulator.

super mario world snes cheats
snes cheats
game genie codes

Cheat Code Formats

A cheat code of the format addr=data will cause the emulated console to obtain data whenever it reads from memory address addr. A cheat code of the format addr=comp?data will cause reads from addr to obtain data, but only if the true value at addr is comp. In both formats, data is a single byte expressed as two hexadecimal digits, comp is also a single byte expressed as two hexadecimal digits, and addr is a memory address in the emulated console, expressed as however many hexadecimal digits are required for the console in question (typically 4 for 8-bit CPUs, 6 for 16-bit CPUs, and 8 for 32-bit CPUs).

For compatibility with older versions of bsnes/higan, the older syntaxes of addr/data and addr/comp/data are still supported.

For cheats that require more than a single-byte change, bsnes/higan allows multiple codes to be combined with + so that all of them can have a single description and be toggled with a single click. For example, in Super Mario World, you can lock the time to 999 with these codes: 7e0f31=09+7e0f32=09+7e0f33=09.

snes cheat code
BSNES supports the following cheat code formats.

List of all SNES Cheats

As BSNES automatically inserts all the codes for you by utilizing the Cheat Codes.bml file, you can however access the list of all SNES cheats and codes by right clicking the file and opening it using a wordpad editor. Navigate to our Download page to get BSNES and access the Database folder > Cheat Codes.bml.

Alternatively, users can also use the official Game Genie website or Pro Action Replay code guides for other SNES emulators but using SNES Cheats or Game Genie codes within BSNES is really simple to setup and users can now enjoy retro games in style!

For additional info and to get the most out of BSNES be sure to browse our documentation section!