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Experience Near’s journey into the Emulation scene as they encountered and documented a plethora of helpful information, personally and for aspiring emu-devs. You can view near/byuu’s body of work below or access their documented articles in the right-hand pane.


  • bsnes — a Super Nintendo emulator; the first to hit 100% compatibility
  • higan — a multi-system emulator; supporting 30 different hardware devices
  • ares — an experimental emulator; preliminarily supporting the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation



  • amethyst — a tree-view driven source code editor
  • bass — a table driven cross assembler with an embedded macro programming language
  • beat — a delta-based patching tool
  • kaijuu — a Windows shell extension for managing complex file and folder associations
  • xkas — a simple SNES patching cross assembler


  • BML — a simplified markup language for serialization and structured documents
  • BPS — a delta-based patching format for distributing binary modifications
  • MSU1 — a conceptual SNES coprocessor adding CD-quality audio and FMV support


  • hiro — a cross-platform user interface API abstraction layer
  • libco — a cooperative threading library
  • nall — a portable standard template library
  • ruby — a cross-platform hardware abstraction layer for video, audio, and input devices

Emulator Contributions

  • Snes9X — CPU timing, SMP core, SPC7110 core
  • MAME — PPU core, coprocessor cores

Localization Contributions

  • Dragon Quest I & II Reprise — multi-line item code
  • Dragon Quest III Reprise — multi-line item code and Huffman script decompression
  • Eien no Filena — minor assembly modifications
  • Magical Drop — script translation
  • Mother 3 — ARM patching assembler, ROM patcher, and 8-bit script text support
  • Shin Megami Tensei II — Huffman script decompression
  • Shin Megami Tensei If — Huffman script decompression
  • Tengai Makyou Zero — script extractor and script editor


Scanned, documented, and verified 1,200 Super Nintendo games, boxes, and circuit boards.


Contributed a NEC uPD7720 emulator that used to preserve Stephen Hawking’s speech system.
Funded decapping all SNES coprocessors to extract their firmware.
Funded decapping and delayering the SNES PPU processors for analysis.
Funded hardware glitching the WonderSwan-series of handhelds to extract their boot ROMs.